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Sterilization Packaging, Chemical Indicators, Medical and Dental disposable products

Quality System

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Customer orientation
It is our aim to have enthusiastic customers. Our customers define the benchmark for our quality. This is the reason why our customer's requirements and the high qualityof our products are the benchmark for our actions. All employees of MEDIWISH contributein the overall performance of the company with respect to quality and customer satisfaction.
Quality responsibility
Our demand for quality refers not only to our products, but also to the way we deal with employees, customers and suppliers.
Staff responsibility
All MEDIWISH employees align themselves with the requirements of the customers, with the product utilisation, with our responsibility for the environment as well as with what is feasible both in technical and economic terms.
Each employee of the company contributes in her/his place to the realisation of ourquality goals. All departments and functional areas within the MEDIWISH hierarchy sharethe responsibility, while every single employee is responsible for the quality of her/his working quality and performance. The accomplishment of our quality goals is an important management task.Special importance is attached to the quality of their work when the employees areassessed for their performance.
Cooperation with suppliers
In order to be a creative and innovative partner for our customers, we expect oursuppliers to maintain a high responsibility for quality, which we support as their partner.
Continuous improvement
Not only the faults themselves, but the causes of such faults have to be eliminated.Prevention of faults takes precedence over the elimination of faults. To maintainthe effectiveness of the management system and to achieve continuous quality
improvement, and thus also a reduction of costs and an increase in cost-effectiveness, the Management Information System (MIS) assists the Board of Directors inthe management of the business.
Quality Certifications and Registrations

  Mediwish compies with International Standards for the medical packaging products.  IMG_2017032

Qualified suppliers and incoming goods and material inspection

The first important step for ensuring the highest quality specifications is selecting suitable suppliers for rawmaterial, semi-finished products and fasteners.Long-term partnerships with suppliers is our guarantee of our products' safety and reliability. In clearlydefined audits we regularly check that all processes are being adhered to on site at our suppliers.New suppliers must undergo a multi-stage qualification procedure before being authorised as a vendor.
Site visits to supplier facilities play an important part in this process. We like to inspect manufacturing
processes, quality management, process reliability and test equipment in person, on site.
If first impressions are positive we then perform tests and controls on various trial deliveries. Only if all trialdeliveries have passed our technical incoming goods inspection without any discrepancies, the supplier willbe approved and incorporated into our QM rating system.
This means that we are enabled to exempt our customer from the duty of technical incoming goods
inspection. Not only does this reduce quality inspection costs for our customers, it also accelerates the internal flow of goods.

Reliable production thanks to preventive quality management planning of processes and products

Before production, an interdisciplinary team systematically plans and specifies all the production, assembly and test processes which could have an effect on the quality of manufactured components or environmental factors. We implement the following processes in this respect

Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) Creation of QM inspection plans
Initial environmental assessment Machine capability studies
Preparation of detailed Production Process capability studies

and work plans

Preventative maintenance

Specially trained employees check day-to-day production at SPC measuring stations using detailed inspection plans and strict specifications. At the customer's request we also perform an additional 100 % check using state-of-the-art digital technology.

Clearly defined quality standards implementedby expert, committed employees

The success of our business depends on the qualityof our products, the performance of our staff and consequently, the satisfaction of our customers.Our process-oriented quality management system is based on this principle. Our employees are expert, motivated and well trained. They receive regular further training as part of their on-going commitment to fulfilling the quality specifications of our customers day in, day out. Our products must be just as reliable when used in a clinic and hospitals. Maximum product and service quality is therefore a matter of course for us.
The test procedures in our technical test laboratory are accredited in accordance with the guidelines of DIN EN ISO 11607. State-of-the-art measuring and test equipment forms the basis for reliable quality assurance and perfect product quality.
Our services in the area of fastening technology include:
  • Mechanical-technological testing
  • Testing physical values
  • Chemical material analyses
  • Corrosion testing
  • Dimension measurement
  • Damage inspections
  • Manufacture of prototypes
  • Individual customer seminars, also at the customer's company
In the event of particularly complex, out of the ordinary challenges, our customers benefit from our close cooperation with colleges and universities.
Highest product and process quality
  • Customer orientation

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Zero-defect philosophy

  • Continuous improvement

  • Involvement of all employees in all business processes

#336 Tianhe Rd , Luyang Industrial Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China. Post code: 230041
Business hours:
from 9:00 to 18:00